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When Litwak's Household Enjoyable Center & Arcade closes in the evening, the numerous video-game characters leave their normal in-game functions as well as are cost-free to travel to various other online games. Within the video game Fix-It Felix, Jr., the personalities commemorate its titular hero however ostracize the game's bad guy personality, Wreck-It Ralph. At a support group for video-game villains, Ralph exposes his need to stop being the bad guy. Back residence, Ralph discovers the various other personalities commemorating their game's 30th wedding anniversary without welcoming him. Felix reluctantly invites Ralph to join them, but the others separate him. They inform him that if he won a medal, just as Felix does in their video game, they would appreciate him.

At Tapper's, Ralph learns he could win a medal in the first-person shooter Hero's Duty. Ralph goes into the online game and also encounters Sergeant Calhoun, its leader. Between video game sessions, Ralph climbs up the online game's main sign and also collects the medal, mistakenly hatching a Cy-Bug, among the game's enemies. It holds on to Ralph as he stumbles into an escape pod that releases him from the game. At the same time, with Ralph missing, a girl reports to arcade-owner Litwak that Fix-It Felix, Jr. is malfunctioning. Since damaged online games get unplugged, leaving their personalities homeless, Felix look for Ralph.

Ralph crash-lands in Sugar Rush, a kart-racing game. As he looks for his medal, he satisfies Vanellope von Schweetz, a glitchy personality that takes the medal as well as utilizes it to get access right into a race. King Sweet as well as the various other racers choose not to let Vanellope participate, claiming she is not truly component of the game. Ralph assists Vanellope develop a kart. At her house in Diet plan Soda pop Hill, an unfinished racing training course, he uncovers she is a natural racer.
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Back in Hero's Duty, Felix fulfills Calhoun, who alerts that the Cy-Bugs could take over any video game they go into. As both searches for Ralph as well as the Cy-Bug in Sugar Rush, they divide when Felix, enamored with Calhoun, accidentally advises her of her fiancé, that had been eliminated by a Cy-Bug in her backstory. Calhoun discovers numerous Cy-Bug eggs underground, and Felix becomes locked up in King Sweet's castle throughout his look for Ralph.

Determined, King Sweet hacks the online game's code to get Ralph's medal as well as offers it to Ralph, discussing that letting Vanellope race would be devastating for both her as well as the online game. Fearing for Vanellope's security, Ralph damageds the kart as well as returns to his very own video game, but discovers that everybody has actually evacuated, expecting the online game to be unplugged in the morning. Finding Vanellope's picture on the Sugar Thrill cupboard, Ralph realizes she is a designated part of the online game, not a problem.

Ralph returns to Sugar Rush, locates Felix as well as Vanellope, as well as asks Felix to repair the damageded kart. As the race profits, the hatched out Cy-Bugs strike as well as Felix, Calhoun, as well as Ralph battle them. When Vanellope reaches King Sweet, her glitching discloses that he is really Turbo, a rogue character from an old online game, Turbo Time, that undermined a more recent video game from envy, triggering both to be unplugged. Vanellope escapes from Turbo, who is eaten by a Cy-Bug. The group takes off the doomed video game, but Vanellope locates she could not travel through the exit. Calhoun states the video game can not be saved without a sign to draw in as well as eliminate the Cy-Bugs.

Ralph heads to Diet plan Cola Hill, where he plans on collapsing its Mentos stalactites into the cola near the bottom, triggering a blinding eruption that would draw in the bugs. Before he could complete, Turbo, merged with the Cy-Bug that had actually consumed him, assaults as well as carries Ralph away. Ralph breaks totally free and also dives towards the hill, intending to compromise himself to begin the eruption on influence. Vanellope in turn utilizes her glitching abilities to conserve Ralph. The eruption starts and also attracts the Cy-Bugs and Turbo to their devastation. Vanellope crosses the goal, recovering her memory and also status as Princess Vanellope, the online game's ruler and protagonist, while keeping her useful glitching ability. Felix and also Ralph return to their video game in time for Litwak to see it still works, sparing it from being unplugged. Calhoun and also Felix marry, as well as the personalities of Fix-It Felix, Jr. acquire a new regard for Ralph.

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