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Tokyo Godfathers 2003

One Christmas Eve 3 individuals, a middle-aged alcoholic called Gin, a trans woman as well as former burden queen Hana, and a dependent runaway lady Miyuki, find an abandoned newborn while looking through the waste. Deposited with the unrevealed infant is a note asking the finder to take great care of her as well as a bag including hints to the moms and dad's identity. The trio lays out to locate the infant's parents. The baby is named Kiyoko (清子?), essentially indicating "pure youngster" as she is found on Christmas Eve.

Outside a cemetery, the team comes across an upper-level yakuza trapped under his automobile. The guy happens to know the proprietor of the club Kiyoko's mommy utilized to work in; he is obtaining married to the guy's child that day. At the wedding celebration, the bridegroom informs them that the child's mom is a former bar lady called Sachiko. He provides them Sachiko's address, however the celebration is interrupted when a cleaning lady, exposed to be a Latin American hitman in disguise, attempts to shoot the bride-to-be's papa that a Tokarev TT-33. The hitman kidnaps Miyuki as well as the infant and also takes them back to his house. There, Miyuki befriends the hit man's better half and reveals her some images of her family.

Hana searches for Miyuki as well as Kiyoko while Gin deals with an old homeless guy whom he discovers passing away in the street. After resulting in Gin a little red bag, the old man in harmony dies. Some young adults appear and also defeat Gin and the dead old guy. At the same time, Hana locates the ladies and they go off to locate a location to stay.

Hana takes them to a club she utilized to working from. Gin, who was found by an additional member of the club, is additionally there. The triad lays out to discover Sachiko's house. They're notified of the dissatisfied relationship in between Sachiko as well as her other half. The team relaxes at a store up until they are informed to leave by the clerk. Hana collapses, as well as Gin and Miyuki bring her to the hospital. At the healthcare facility, Gin locates his little girl, working as a nurse. Hana berates Gin in front of his child and storms out of the medical facility. Miyuki adheres to with Kiyoko.
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Hana and also Miyuki locate Sachiko ready to jump off a bridge. Sachiko insists that her spouse removed the infant without her knowledge, as well as they return it to her. Meanwhile, Gin locates Sachiko's spouse, who discloses that Kiyoko is actually a baby that Sachiko stole from the health center. They chase Sachiko and also the baby. After an intense car chase through the city, Miyuki adheres to Sachiko to the top of a building, where Sachiko exposes she became pregnant, thinking it would certainly bring her closer to her hubby. When the baby was stillborn, she chose to abduct Kiyoko from the hospital, assuming, in her sorrow, the child was hers. Sachiko tries to jump off the structure, yet her other half appears of his apartment or condo (merely across the street) as well as pleads her to start over with him. Sachiko embarks on nonetheless as well as Miyuki captures her but Sachiko inadvertently drops the infant off of the structure. Hana jumps after Kiyoko. She captures the child and also lands safely as a result of an incredible gust of wind.

Hana, Miyuki, and also Gin are required to the healthcare facility. Miyuki hands Gin his cigarettes and drops the old man's little red bag on the floor, disclosing a winning lotto ticket. Kiyoko's genuine parents want to ask the triad to become her godparents. When a cops examiner presents them to the trio, the examiner is revealed to be Miyuki's papa.

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